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Foundational RGB Workshop

Progressive Design  
Products and Services Portfolio for
End-User Clients

Certified Practitioners and
Administrators  Network Library

National RoadShows and

Workshops and

Progressive Design

Extended Literature

National RoadShows and Local Showcases




2 to 3.5 Hour Foundational Workshop Designs

1. RGB  1
The 2-Hour Foundational Workshop

2. RGB  2
The Language of RGB

3. RGB  3
(Classical, Cultural Capacity) Organization Development

4. RGB  4
Politics and the  RGB

5. RGB  5
The LMS(Leadership, Management and Supervisory) Legacy of RGB


B.  RGB Ancillary Models Design
Categories Workshops

1. Systemic Recordkeeping

2. Thinking and Behavior - Learning to Think Before You Behave.

3. Systemic Approach - Irrefutable Elements Essential to Change.

4. Paradigms - The Context Within Which the World Makes Sense. 

5. Change Agent Roles - From Citizen to Change Agent and Back.

6. Creating Simple Plans - It's Not the Links it's the Chain. 


A. Clients
Niches and Feedback


B. Event-based

1. RGB Workshops
2. Teambuilding
3. Diversity Workshops
4. Beliefs, Strategies and Work
5. Event Clinics

6. Programming Transition
7. The Power of Graphics
8. Basic to Advanced Facilitation

C. Diagnostic Themes

1. All things RGB
2. Satisfaction Surveys
3. Multi-Source Feedback
4. Program and Event  Evaluations
5. Internal Services Audit


D. The Leadership 12 Intervention-Based
3-Year Cycles

1. Continuous Data Collection
     Surveys, 360's, Evaluations...

2. The Diversity Dozen
     12- Basic to Advanced Topics

3. Organization Leaarning
     Continuous Opportunities

4. Routine Meetings
     Facilitated Staff Meetings

5. Team Development
     Racing Continuous Change

6. Planning and Implementation
     Simple to Complex Integration

7. Matching Tasks with Talent
     Measuring Compatibility

8. Retreats
     Fall and Spring Cycles

9. Best Practice Management
     Staying in-Synch with Change

10. Realignment
     Continuous and Intentional

11. Leadership Transitions
     Authority and Influence

12. Coaching and Mediation
     One-on-One and Team


A. CapacityWareTM Library

(current library - under revision)

Manual 1 - Overview and       Index
Manual 2 - CapacityWare™  Software
Manual 3 - RGB WorkStyle Preferences - Related RGB Links
Manual 4 - LMS* Teams Facilitation
Manual 5 - Organization Change System
Manual 6 - Diagnostic Reporting and   Follow Through

(Extended Library Under Development)

Manual 7 - Gallery of Advanced Event Designs and Materials
Manual 8 - LMSF Associated Models
Manual 9 - eLearning Manual
Manual 10 - Resources Manual
Manual 11 - Online Structure and Materials
Manual 12 - Administrative Operations Manual


B. Residency Options

Level 1 - RGB Options  
Level 2 - Teams Facilitation  
Level 3 - CapacityWare™ Software Administration   
Level 4 - Workforce Development Management
Level 5 - Leading, Managing, and Supervising the Workforce Using RGB


C. Blended Learning Options
(Residency and Online)

1. RGB FastTrack Certification - Certification Options
2. Blended Learning Program
3. Community Connections Program
4. Curriculum Selection Inventories - Selected Models

5. Related Practitioner Services
6. Internet Connectivity Options

A. Who

One possibility.

See TheRGBPeople.com

B. What
Process Evaluation


C. When
Subject to availability.



D. Where
One of many...

The Homestead
Hot Springs, VA

E. Why
Is the work worth it?

F. How
Click to inquire about scheduling and topic possibilities!


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