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We are a premier Quality of WorkLife Consulting firm in our eleventh year of service, primarily to the Hampton Roads, Virginia region. As an IT/OD company (information technology - IT, and organization development - OD) we have defined our specialized discipline as helping clients develop organization capacity. We offer comprehensive diagnostic services at reasonable prices as a prelude to three Levels of Service:

Our overall goal is to provide retainer-based Comprehensive Outsource Services to preferred long-term clients.

We use a foundation of advanced cultural graphic technology that enables decision makers to best direct valuable resources to the heart of problems that are limiting organizational innovation, growth, and financial viability. Our most frequent clients are those who have invested heavily in TQM or ISO 9000 Certification processes and have not realized a reasonable return on the investment from those efforts. We increase an organization's long-term capacity for new work in a new work environment.

CapacityWare, the proprietary software we use in our diagnostic process, is designed with flexibility of use in mind. It is easily tailored to allow for the integration of various kinds of data into a single model for analysis and trending.

The primary staff elements are championed by:
Elizabeth Lacroix - serves as President and leads the Diagnostics and Support Services mission.
Joseph J. Lacroix - serves as head of Technology Development.
Dorothy Shupe - Corporate Librarian

Adjunct practitioner options include:
Kathleen Giles - Quality of WorkLife Consultant, Team Lead, Event Lead.
Betty Wade Perry - Quality of WorkLife Consultant
Bob Trahan - Quality of WorkLife Consultant

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A majority of our work has been in the Hampton Roads, Virginia region, although our clients have been as geographically dispersed as Texas, Kentucky, Colorado, Missouri, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. Our ultimate expansion goal is to have active affiliates in the nation's largest metropolitan areas.

Leadagement Technologies, Inc.

Our organization uses Leadagement Technologies exclusively. These Technologies are developed by Joseph J. Lacroix as President and founder of Leadagement Technologies, Inc., copyright holder of operating literature and the software program titled CapacityWare. These Technologies, under development since 1984, form the tools by which client organizations are improved. They provide the necessary continuity between associated or affiliated consultants working in client organizations. Associates and affiliates acquire training and licensure through Organization Diagnostics, Inc.

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