Agendas and Templates

Organized by Stage of the Organization Change System

Appraisal Synchronization

1. Preliminary Orientations and Clarity Meetings

Clarity Meetings
CapacityWare Demonstration(s)
Management Orientation Agenda
CapacityWare Installation and Initial Orientation
Tag up Agenda

2. Instrument Package Development and Distribution

Initial Data Collection Team Agenda
Demographic Creation Meeting
Package Finalization, Printing, and Distribution

3. Data Collection , Data Entry, and Validation

Data Collection, Data Entry - Consulting Team Meeting Agenda
Internal Data Review Meeting

4. Analysis, Synthesis, and Report Development

Preparing to Write the Report
Preliminary Data Review Agenda
Strategy Development
Writing the Report
Preparation for Feedback
Developing and Tailoring "Round Out" Best Practices

5. Organization Feedback and Coalition Expansion

Feedback to Client
Feedback to Data Collection Team
Feedback to Management
Data Fair and Data Break Agenda
Expand the Engagement by Recruiting Potential Team Members

6. Coaching Lab and Plainning Session

Coaching Lab and Planning Session Agenda
Initial Planning Session
Mini Coaching Lab

7. Team Formation and Team Culture Development

RGB Level 1 - Individual Perspectives
RGB Level 2 - Interpersonal Dynamics
RGB Level 3 - Matching Tasks and Talent
RGB Level 4 - Developing Organizational Culture
RGB Level 5 - Measuring and Monitoring RGB Implementation

Executive Transition

Retreat Agenda

8. Development of Recommendation Design and Approval or Adoption

Team Meeting Agenda
Approval or Adoption Meeting

9. Implementation and Measurement

Implementation and Measurement Agenda

Management Skills Course

10. Evaluation, Adjustment, and Closure or Shift

Process Evaluation by Stage
Evaluation Agenda
Team Issue Resolution Agenda
Process Adjustment Meeting
Learning Exchange
Development of the Closure or Theme Shift (or Cycle Renewal)

Generic Event Preparation and Follow-through Requirements

Diversity College Curriculum - Workplace - Community

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