The Basic Model

Time Line. The vertical line represents time. The future is at the top of the model, while the past is at the bottom of the model.

Complexity Line. The horizontal line represents complexity. Embedded within this complexity are perceptions that people automatically use to categorize events with regard to magnitude and positive and/or negative implications. Also embedded within the Complexity Line is the notion of stability or chaos. It is on the Complexity Line that narrow or broad parameters are created and on which such phenomena as the RGB Technology and the Situational Pulse are integrated.

Virtual Intersection. The model defines four paradigms (Q1 through Q4) that morph in sequence and on cycle. The actual intersection is merely a reference point that serves much the same purpose as a map grid would serve. The Virtual Intersection may, however, lay in any quadrant as an adjustment based on the individual or collective paradigm(s) of those being measured. The Virtual Intersection, then, may lay in any quadrant and have specific implications based on the quadrant within which it lays.

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