The Ultimate 21st Century Leadership Tool that Unlocks Dormant Capacity

Ten Powerful Interactive Modules:

Respondent Information - Log on with essential information that can mean the difference between intervention success and mediocre results.

Survey Creation and Processing - Allows the user to create surveys and process results immediately.

Style Preference Inventories** - Helps people who must work together effectively to rid themselves of barriers that rob the organization of capacity.

Event Processing and Management Assistance - Assists in event design and delivery as a cornerstone of the change process with advanced tools.

Metric Milestone Tracking - Gives "peace of mind" to planners that the intervention design is being implemented and achieving anticipated results.

Reference Links - Enables an organization to "link" strategies with essential document extracts to help make the change effort more reliable.

Return-on-Investment Calculations - Assures that priorities are being achieved by tracking "before and after" financial snapshots.

Presentation Links - Assists presenters by "linking" survey and inventory results directly with their favorite presentation programs.

Client Reports - Produces a variety of reports that assists clients and in organization development professionals with intervention design.

Administrator Reports - Provides inside information that helps the CapacityWare Administrator bring valuable strategies to the intervention team.

** Requires Certification.

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