Client Visitors looking for specific guidance about our Cultural Realignment system and processes.

We make extensive use of handout material at all our events. But not everyone attends, and some people would prefer to get summarized information in advance of, during, or after an event through the internet. This avenue for getting information affords the greatest possible return on the investment of the client browsers time because it takes you on a path that you alone determine based on your interests and the progress through Cultural Realignment your organization has made to date.

We hope this will be productive for you, and we hope that you will send us suggestions so that continuous improvements can be made to the effectiveness of our material. Thank you!

For an explanation of terms listed below, visit our Glossary.

Client Visitor Gateway

All Phases (Literature Support, Group Development Options, Ad Hoc Teams, and Models)

Phase 1, Preparation and Organization (Orientations, Surveys & Inventories, Feedback)
Phase 2, Beliefs Set (Purpose, Values, Vision, Customers, Missions)
Phase 3, Strategy Bridge (Scenario, Initiatives, Products & Services, Standards, Benefits)
Phase 4, Work Regimen (Goals, Programs, Objectives, Priorities, Tasks)
Phase 5, Sustainment Planning (Converging Parallel Organizations, Transformation of the System)

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