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Note: Information contained on this page applies to software only. Information pertaining to Change Management Literature is listed separately.

1. Newest versions are indicated by the bold RED centered date displayed below.
2. The new version may be in a test phase of approximately two weeks prior to release but may be ordered immediately.
3. New versions may be available without cost to retainer clients during the term of the retainer period.
4. New versions, by their nature, will not require additional training beyond that recommended for new users.
5. Any investment made in CapacityWare is fully applied to the cost of SIGNFICANT TECHNOLOGY UPGRADES as they become available.

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Newest Version Date:  May 2013

Programming Priorities

Update the Software License. 

Insert the License Acceptance or Rejection declaration on the opening screen. 



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Chris Fabreau - to August 2003
Chris Stephens - August 2003 to June 2004
Shawn Goetz - June 2004 to Present

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