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Standing From Left: Elizabeth Lacroix, Kitty Clark Stevenson, Alfred Warren Clark, Donna Speller Turner
Seated From Left: Joseph Lacroix, Deborah Bennett, Robert Trahan
- Not Pictured: Sylvia Proctor



The Network represented here by the Board of Directors...
advances the use of CapacityWare as a means of improving the Quality of WorkLife of those served, by...

giving mantle to those with a calling to do good.



We gather as a Board to explore and build on the possibilities of CapacityWare and its supporting technologies. WE apply the Models incorporated in its design to both enhance our work and to give us increasing insight into the dynamics of organizations as living systems - each with varying degrees of health and varying levels of capacity to do their work.

Our focus is on improving ourselves, our network and our client partners. We continually look to the underlying human interactions that make up the face we present to the world for clues to achieve our missions and aspirations.

We listen with open hearts to the messages we receive from our selves, our processes and out technology; doing the right things for the right reasons at the right time, without doing harm and giving that a voice in our interactions.

Our adherence to this vision attracts other linke-minded people willing to commit to the growth of the Network and serve as Board members.



people who desire a better worklife for themselves and those with whom they work.

Invite and Prepare Mantle-Weavers...
with the perspective to achieve increased organizational capacity.

Provide the Resources...
in the form of tools and technology to achieve and sustain ideal capacity.

Establish Proficiency...
with the skills to match the inherent talent needed to increase workfroce value.

Develop Community...
among practitioners so that mutual problems are matched with mutual solutions within a spirit of reciprocity.



sufficient to be candid, to talk about difficult topics, and to be receptive to the ideas of each other.

to do as we say we will do, and expect the same from each other.

to expect that our combined dialog and efforts will be greater than the sum of each contribution.

to look for and applaud the personal and professional growth, the individual and collective learning, the progress, and the stretch we make.



The Network consists of global users of CapacityWare software and technology, especially those who have sought and obtained formal exposure to it, while still appreciating the casual and extended beneficiaries.
The following is an alphabetical list of current Network members represented by the Board.

Individual Practitioners

Network Companies

RGB Certified Practitioners



Andrews, Mary Lou
Mary Lou is the Training Director at CMA-CGM of North America, a world-wide container shipping organization specializing in RGB Workshops.



Bennett, Debbie
Debbie is an active member of the Virginia Mediation Network as well as an ative charter member of the CWPIN Governance Team.



Esteves, Tammy
Tammy is a Troy University Professor and uses RGB Technology in both Leadership and Organization Development classes.
She is also an active member of the CWPIN Governance Team.



Famuliner, Anna
Anna is a specialist working for the City of Hampton, Virginia, Parks and Recreation Department.


Ferrell, Wanda
Wanda is an Program Coordinator in the City of Hampton, Virginia, Unity Commission and is an "expert" administrator of CapacityWare Software.


Finger, Katie
Katie is a specialist working for the City of Hampton, Virginia, Parks and Recreation Department.


Fox, Katherine
Katherine is the Executive Director of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers for the City of Hampton, Virginia, Public Schools.



Giles, Kathleen
Kathleen owns her own company and uses CapacityWare Software as well as applies RGB Technology with a variety of groups.



Hall, Anthy
Anthy is a Budget Analyst II in the City of Hampton, Virginia, Office of Budget and Management Analysis.


Higgenbotham, Sara
Sara is a specialist at the Children's National Medical Center, Washington, D.C.



Johnson, John
John is the Excutive Director of the Hampton, Virginia, Unity Commission, owner of TouchStone Consulting Services and a major user of CapacityWare Software.


Jones, Charlene
Charlene is an Program Specialist in the 21st Century Community Learning Centers in the City of Hampton, Virginia, Public Schools.



Lacroix, Elizabeth T.
Elizabeth is the owner of QWLC and an active charter member of the CWPIN Governance Team.
See also Lacroix, Joseph


Lacroix, Joseph J.
Joe is a principal at QWLC, and an active charter member of the CWPIN Governance Team.
See also Lacroix, Elizabeth


Lyons, Alvie
Alvie is a principal at TRACE Success Consulting in Hampton, Virginia
See also Washington, Chelsea



McBride, Jonathan
Jonathan is a Facilitator in the City of Hampton, Virginia, Neighborhood Office.



Perry, Betty Wade
Betty Wade is an Organization Developer within the City Manager's Office in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and a user of CapacityWare Software.



Ross, Jeremy
Jeremy is a Community Coordinator of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers in Hampton, Virginia, and the owner and President of Games!.



Shackelford, Ellen L.
Ellen is owner and President of Connections Access Consulting Services, LLC.


Speller Turner, Donna
Donna is President and Owner of Advantage Business Strategies and an active charter member of the CWPIN Governance Team.


Stevenson, Kitty Clark
Kitty is the owner and Presient of Ablen Consulting in Arlington, Virginia, specializing in EEO, and an active charter member of the CWPIN Governance Team.



Robert Trahan
Bob is the City Facilitator in Hampton, Virginia, and is an active charter member of the CWPIN Governance Team, and a CapacityWare user..


Triggle, Karla
Karla is a Neighborhood Facilitator and CapacityWare Software Administrator for the City of Hampton, Virginia, Neighborhood Office.



Washington, Chelsea
Chelsea is a principal of TRACE Success Consulting.
See also Lyons, Alvie


Williams, Brenda
Brenda is an independent consultant specializing in data collection and capacity remediation using CapacityWare Software.


Woods Jones, Michele
Michele is a consulting psycologist and owns her own company leAun Empower & Enhancement Services in Hampton, Virginia.

Network Independent Companies

Abeln Consulting

Advantage Business Strategies


Kathleen Giles Consulting

leAun Empower & Enhancement Services

Quality of WorkLife Consultants

TRACE Consulting Services

TouchStone Consulting Servies


Residency - June 2006:

Pictured Left to Right: Katherine Fox, Kitty Clark Stevenson, Alfred Clark, Debbie Bennett,
Jeremy Ross, Mary Lou Andrews, Elizabeth Lacroix, Joe Lacroix

Resources for Graduates

Residency - February 2007

Pictured Left to Right: Anthy Hall, Elizabeth Lacroix, Joe Lacroix, Donna Speller Turner, Bob Trahan,
Kitty Clark Stevenson, Chelsea Washington, Wanda Ferrell, Alvie Lyons, Sherry Cook, Stan McKercher

Transcribed Charts February 2007

Residency - June 2007

Pictured Left to Right: Karla Triggle, Elizabeth Lacroix, Tammy Esteves, John Johnson,
Jonathan McBride, Charlene Jones, Kitty Clark Stevenson, Joe Lacroix, and Sara Higgenbotham

Transcribed Charts - June 2007 - Part 1 and Part 2

Transcribed Charts - January 2008

Transcribed Charts - February 2008

Board Meeting Documentation

Board Meeting Transcribed Charts - March 30, 2007
Board Meeting Transcribed Charts - May 18, 2007

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