CapacityWare Administration Manual
Tab 5, Processing Instruments

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1.Which of the following instruments creates an individual profile of work style preferences?
RGB Inventory
Pre-diagnostic Assessment
Individual Red Line
Individual Comparison Profile

2. When inputting RGB Inventory scores, expect the system to...
auto-advance to the next field as soon as you enter an acceptable number.
accept only "0" through"4."
both a and b.

3. When processing survey instruments, which of the following is NOT true.
Every item requires a response.
Only end items permit a narrative.
On-screen CapacityWare responders can get a clarification concerning the meaning of any item.
The respondents name or special identifier must be used to process the survey.

4. Instruments can only be processed if "counters/licenses" have been registered in the system.

5. The default entry for all surveys is "N" for No Response.

6. In-line survey comments can be entered at all BUT which of the following options?
At the time the specific item is displayed.
During a second "pass" specifically to enter narrative data.
At the Bar Chart, Show Comments, Add Comments window.
At the Instrument pull down option from the Main Menu.

7. The person inputting survey data can scroll through the survey items by using which of the following buttons?
Reverse and Forward
Back and Next
Up and Down
Previous and Next

8. Which of the following subclass surveys does NOT demand special handling.
Event Associated Evaluation
Independent Item Response
Respondent Target Instrument
Approach Assessment

9. Once an instrument has been "taken" the text of the instrument cannot be changed.

10. When the "Anonymous" button is selected at the Main Menu, the system will...
automatically generate an identifier for the respondent.
prevent the use of demographics on the survey entered next.
require special handing by the user.
lock out any changes to the entry that follows for 180 days.

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