Licensure and Certification

The topics are listed alphabetically. It is recommended that an Application be printed out and reviewed as a guide to which topics are appropriate for review prior to completing and submitting the application.

DOWNLOAD the Certification and Licensure Requirements to Master and Practice CapacityWare Technologies

The above DOWNLOAD is the most current and comprehensive single-source document concerning certification and licensure.

Advantages - 10 Features and Benefits!

Annual Training Schedule for 2008.


Curriculum Summary - Syllabus.

Examination Information.

General Information About Levels of User Competency.

Investment to Complete Requirements.

On-line Requirements.

Practicum Requirements.

Professional Standards for Licensure, Certification and CapacityWare Practitioners International Network (CWPIN) Membership.

Residency Requirements.

Stages of Licensure and Certification.

Virginia e-Lead Catalog Listing (Public Education).