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April 28. 2014, 5:15 to 6:15pm, Room: Stratford - Mt. Vernon - Hot Springs, Virginia

SHRM Virginia State Conference

"The Language of RGB: Just to be Clear!
Elizabeth and Joseph Lacroix

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January 10, 2014 - Richmond, Virginia

SHRM Virginia State Leadership Conference

"The Enduring RGB Leadership Legacy"

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About the Workshop

People expect a lot from those in leadership positions. "The Enduring RGB Leadership Legacy" design provides new insights and tools for leaders appropriate to these challenges. It is common knowledge that one of the most important tasks of any leader is to prepare others for positions of leadership as well. This task is critical and adds depth to the words Enduring and Legacy that are central to the concept espoused by the title of this session and explored within it.

First, know thyself! Everyone has a variable share of three talent multipliers that dramatically accentuate the skills people have learned both informally and formally throughout their lives. When these RGB talent multipliers are known, and quantified accurately, the leader has at his or her disposal a new and simple equation to do more of the essential leadership tasks with optimized results.

Second, when RGB tools are shared freely, leadership potential begins to develop across the organization. Not only is leadership potential enhanced, but "followership" potential is also improved. That old saying about the "same sheet of music" takes on new meaning.

Third, once these talent multipliers are known, and widely distributed, new products can be used to replace or enhance the consistency of intuition and thereby remove some of the guesswork from decision-making routines. Most important among these decisions is improving the match between the inherent potential of a person and the tasks they are assigned or otherwise acquire.

Fourth and finally, these talent multipliers are linked to routine organizational processes, like the planning function. This linkage assures that everyone has a specific value-added part to play in the development and implementation of changes that result.

This workshop is fun, insightful, and productive and these results linger in the organization culture.

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