Marketing fuels our consulting capability by retaining current clients and attracting new business.

Position Statement

Organization Diagnostics is the premier Quality of WorkLife consulting firm specializing in cultural diagnostics for larger complex organizations whose potential people-oriented problems rob the organization of productive capacity.

Unlike training-based, or simple data collection services, Organization Diagnostics focuses on developing a no-surprise scenario by finding out and correcting organizational culture in areas where it has become dysfunctional and burdensome.

As a result, managers and workers alike contribute more directly to bottom-line profitability or effectiveness.


1. Stimulate a demand for our services that slightly exceeds our comfortable capability and capacity by having a sufficient number of proposals in the works at all times.

2. Having a mechanism that allows a potential client to formulate a proposal to meet their needs and falls within their pricing expectations.

3. Having a stable and diversified client-based.

Marketing Programs

Our overall marketing approach leads to clients who know our capabilities and request proposals that will help them solve problems within our specialty! We go to great lengths to inform our prospective clients about organization development trends and how we are responding to those trends. We assemble solutions that provide our clients with a trouble free and comprehensive package that includes "everything" within a single retainer fee. The five marketing programs we engage are briefly listed below:

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