RGB WorkStyle Preference Manual

Tab 1 - Individual Predisposition

Text - HTM:

Manual Replacement Pages - PDF File:
    Individual Predisposition - June 2006

    RGB Users Guide - 3.1.1

    RGB Basic Presentation

    Pre-Workshop Aids...   
        Suggested Invitation Language
        Link to submit Participant List - Option A at QualityofWorklife.com
        Link to the RGB Online Inventory - Option B at QualityofWorkLife.com or the RGB Online Inventory direct. 
        RGB Inventory - Version 9.1 Dated June 2014 - paper copy.
        RGB Individual Profile (BACK PAGE) 2014
         Best Guess at arrival - Self Selection CARD Instructions - RED set - GREEN set - Blue set,
    Progressive Design Matrix
    99 - One winner only (good at promotion times)!
        Rules and Table Reminders for Playing 99
        Lessons Learned from Playing 99
    SPOONS - One loser only (good at downsizing times)! What might S.P.O.O.N.S. mean?
        Rules for Playing SPOONS
        Instructions for Playing SPOONS (an alternative)
        Lessons from Playing SPOONS
    Quick Short Form - SPOONS to RGB - Use ONLY for a participant not covered by an Individual Profile created from an online or paper copy RGB Inventory (accuracy questionable). 
    Gender Study Handout
    RGB Profile Color Ratios
    A Practical Guide to Using the RGB
    Breakout Task Instructions - Version of "Strengths and Irritants"
    RGB Foundational Workshop Take-Away 1 Handout - things to read or view and think about!
    Instructions for using the RGB Challenge Handout and the RGB Challenge Handout Hardcopy.
    Evaluation Card Facsimile - with instructions.
    The Goose Story

Video (See the RGB Founders on YouTube):
    Rules for Playing SPOONS
    RGB Lecturette: RED, GREEN, BLUE

    Standard Two Hour RGB Workshop Agenda,
    One Day Workshop Agenda,

    RGB - Individual Predisposition

Extended Materials:
    Gender Study Background,



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