QWLC Beliefs Set

As of September 8, 1997

We are premier Quality-of-WorkLife consultants focused on developing attractive high yield cultures.

Our Missions as Organization Developers are:
Internal: Platform -- Marketing -- Technology Development
Cultural Diagnostics -- Cultural Realignment -- Cultural Learning

-- We intentionally nurture and "model" productive relationships.
Technology -- Our systemic methodology yields practical and reliable results.
Learning -- All that we do is subject to examination and improvement.
Collaboration -- We are committed to holding on for the ultimate win/win solutions.
Authenticity -- We strive to be genuine in our dealings with each other and our clients.

Our community and clients have respect for our profession and for us. We are well known nationally for what we do, and we enjoy unqualified credibility, even among our competition. Our teams lead by serving. Our management signature, doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason, is legend -- our influence informal. We stay close to the client with regular visits and innovative first-to-the-market products and services. Our primary mission, Cultural Diagnostics, is our most important capability and is the basis upon which we offer solutions.

We attract entrepreneural people with unique organizational insights, experiences, and skills. We are passionate about our work, energetic, and creative in our approach. We anticipate needs and embrace full-range solutions.

All in our organization are on teams, playing roles that best capture their unique contribution. Our teams self-organize based on task. They are structured in triads as high yield cells that ebb and flow to suit the needs of our clients and ourselves.

Our values drive our decision making, and they are recognized in the way we do business and the way we treat each other and our clients. Our strategies are clear and are defined in such a way that allows for creativity and flexibility in reaching our goals. Seldom will we miss a mark we set out to hit, and even then, learning is our reward.

Information flows from source to destination easily and quickly, as if it had a life of its own. Our publications are highly sought, often quoted, and ahead of their time by any yardstick.

We work in space that suits our work and our lifestyle -- high-tech/low-tech. Our equipment plugs in when and where needed to be practical, imaginative, playful, and productive.

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