QWLC Mission Structure

As classical organization development consultants and information technologist we engage seven missions to benefit our clients:

External Missions
(Service and product areas offered directly to clients.)

1. Technology - We develop software and supporting literature that assists organization developers in organization change efforts.

2. Diagnostics - Our unique CapacityWare package measures and graphically displays organization culture -- we make the invisible organization culture, visible -- so it can be more easily changed if it needs to be changed.

3. Consulting - We consult with organization and practitioners to help organizations change. We may also engage Executive Realignment Teams and other Ad Hoc Teams in a comprehensive 10-Phase system to help clients predictably improve their organization culture.

4. Practitioner Education - We partner with our clients to learn new ways to apply our culture changing Technologies during special two-day StreamLearning events conducted each calendar quarter (normally). We also have a full range of adjunct learning opportunities for both clients and consultants offered in a recurring curriculum.

Internal Missions
(Services and products developed internally which enhance external mission capacity.)

Platform - Our six core business processes directly support our clients' needs.

Marketing - We fuel our consulting capability with congruent market segments by providing value-added products and services.

Technology Development - We continuously refine and further develop our Technology to assure maximum client impact.

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