The People Working Model

The People Working Model is one of the most important foundational models in the LT Model system. We use the label "ProZone" to describe the overlapping area between two people. This area describes things that are known between two people - common knowledge and a common culture that is dynamic set of rules and defines success in the relationship.

All "ProZones" contain five elements and each "ProZone" is a unique (or nearly unique) virtual area with a common structure that creates work. Below each of these five elements are described:

Content or Context. The content or context of the relationship provides the individual area of expertise upon which the relationship foundation is developed. This context may be the same or similar, or it may be diverse in nature. This element would certainly be different if one person were an electrician, and the other person airline pilot, for example. The work they have in common might be a project to improve aircraft performance - each contributing from a unique vantage point.

Processes. As people work together they follow a discrete process - a sequence of activities and decisions that has a beginning and an end. Each of these process steps will take on unique characteristics as the work between the people involved divides and combines to achieve progress. The domain of process efficiency has been highlighted by TQM regimens in recent years.

Performance. As processes are completed, performance (the cycle time involved in the completion of work) becomes a major issue. Cycle time has a direct bearing on an organization attaining its purpose. An automobile manufacturer, for example, can easily make a car. It will make a profit more readily if it makes 100,000 cars in the shortest possible time. As processes become clearly defined, the next concern is the level or performance reliability in repeating the process with high reliability.

Productivity. We describe productivity as the "feeling" one gets when the "right" things are being done. Productivity is especially present in a team environment.

Culture. As work is done by people working together they form rules which contribute to the quality of the results and the quality of the work being done as an element of worker satisfaction. We believe that culture is the single most important defining element in fork because it influences all the other elements.

Results. Results are achieved based on work. If the results are unacceptable, one can trace the work back through this model to determine the "fault" and take corrective action to improve results in the future.

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