The Quality of WorkLife - Hampton Roads project is an ongoing win/win community service project initiated by Organization Diagnostics, Inc. to acquaint Regional leaders with our breakthrough technology services and products. The project provides a valuable pro bono service to existing and potential Regional employers, as well as current and prospective employees by publishing an annual Quality of WorkLife Index for participating organizations. It keeps the "best" employers at the forefront of their industry by attracting the "best" employees. And it sends a clear message that Hampton Roads is striving to be more than just a great place to live, but also the premier place to work!

Preliminary discussions with many area leaders have already captured interest and commitment to participate. We envision the QWHR project will be one of the banner initiatives to establish a firm Regional economic foundation. A cross section of organizations have already been selected for the 1998 data collection effort and invitations will be released soon. It is likely that annual participation will grow as project reports become increasingly in demand.

Late April will find participating organizations potentially meeting at the new corporate Regional facility, the ODI - ProZone at the Harbor. Topics will include a full description of the project mechanics, a 1998 time line, data collection options, and selection of the final 50 organizations who will be fully engaged in the project this year. Final selections will be made based on established organizational categories, and other criteria that will include the size and locations of the organizations. Although we expect each of the 16 Hampton Roads communities to participate, results will not be reported based on those geographic political boundaries. This will be a Regional focus only, although comparative information will be available within each industry.

We are also making available three "wildcard" participant possibilities which will be filled from among those interested organizations, but not included on our invitation list. If your organizations desires consideration for the 1998 project launch, or would like additional information, please, respond by e-mail as quickly as possible using the following prompt:


Sponsorship in Quality of WorkLife - Hampton Roads

WHAT is Quality of WorkLife?
Quality of WorkLife is a measure of those characteristics of an organization's culture that attract and retain performers. Tracking it as an aggregate allows a region to attract high-performing employers and employees, to grow deliberately rather than accidentally, and to instill pride and appreciation for what the region offers to the work community as economic growth potential.

WHAT is Quality of WorkLife - Hampton Roads?
Quality of WorkLife - Hampton Roads is an assessment of the organization cultures of key business, industry, and government agencies that make up the Greater Hampton Roads work community. The assessment produces a QWL Index for the region, and confidential feedback for participating organizations.

WHAT is Sponsorship in Quality of WorkLife - Hampton Roads?
Sponsorship in Quality of WorkLife - Hampton Roads is a win-win-win opportunity for the Hampton Roads business/industry/government communities and for ODI. The specifics of a sponsorship are defined collaboratively. We are looking for help in some specific areas:

1. Establishing a network of the right participating organizations, agencies, alliances, and partnerships - a role to play in the success of Hampton Roads.

2. Gathering intellectual capital and regional experience to insure our measurement accuracy and relevance.

3. Offering meeting space that will produce successful collaborative efforts. (ODI has an established data collection program which is part of our Cultural Diagnostics mission. It includes facilitating the creation of surveys, distributing and processing surveys, analyzing the data, and generating comprehensive reports.)

4. Distributing the reports from central locations, publishing the QWL Index in regional literature, and delivering feedback to participating communities.

5. Creating awards for participating organizations.

6. Establishing the QWL Index standard as a measure of attractiveness for the Hampton Roads region.

7. Linking to an ODI Website Information Center for the Quality of WorkLife - Hampton Roads initiative.

Benefits of Sponsorship

o Enhanced image of sponsor's commitment to regional economic development and on-going economic health. (PR)

o Enhanced relationships with existing regional business/industry/government organizations. (Visibility)

o Learning opportunities ranging from enhanced understanding of organization development (broad) to practical knowledge of tools for improving organization culture.

o Low-cost/low-risk investment in the future quality of worklife in Hampton Roads.

Benefits of the Initiative

o Compiles and reports data that will sharpen the region's competitive edge in attracting new business and industry.

o Introduces an innovative approach to enhancing quality of worklife in the region.

o Establishes a baseline (QWL Index) against which improvement can be measured.

o Provides a potential measure of the return on investment of doing business from a base in the Hampton Roads region.

o Provides participating organizations with diagnostic work-ups and recommendations for strategic improvement initiatives.

o Identifies strengths to lever in attracting new employees and new business to the area.

o Creates visibility for participating organizations.

Benefits to ODI

o Expands the ODI industry "normative industry statistics" for the Hampton Roads area quickly.
o Provides ODI visibility in the Greater Hampton Roads area.
o Introduces CommunityWare and Cultural Diagnostics to a broader market.
o Enhances ODI's on-going commitment to improving our technologies.
o Builds ODI's credibility as value-added business partners with our clients/prospects.
o Announces ODI's intention to be valued as a regional community service resource.

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