Initial RGB Workshop Level Certification


1. Application. Complete the required application (Internet).

2. Materials. Buy the Text materials with a materials reproduction license, Workshop Designs, and software (with processing fees) or execute a separate processing agreement.

3. Examinations. Satisfactorily complete required examinations.

4. Workshop Preparation. Mentor assistance is provided to help prepare for a suitable workshop demonstration so that skill and knowledge of the RGB can be adequately demonstrated.

5. Workshop Demonstration. Attend appropriate certification workshops and satisfactorily complete the assigned practical demonstration (or receive a contingency waiver). Experienced workshop leaders (facilitators or trainers), in lieu of certification-workshop attendance, must provide suitable documentation or media demonstrating that they are at ease in a group atmosphere and generally conversant concerning the use of style inventories.

5a. Conduct a "sample" workshop. In the alternative to a workshop attended by a mentor, a workshop may be completed according to an approved design so that actual conditions would "test" the applicant under a normal situation.

5b. Submit a "workshop video" for review. A video must be taken that will allow review by an authorized mentor so that a determination can be made as to conformity to guidelines provided. This video will be submitted in a mutually acceptable media within ten days.

5c. Submit Participant Evaluations for review. In addition, acceptable evaluations must be collected from workshop participants and submitted to the mentor for review.

6. Certification. A final determination will be made regarding certification and appropriate documents will be issued (with limitations based on any waiver provided).

7. Follow-through. The assigned mentor is available for follow-through assistance as needed.



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