RGB Engagement Options

Casual Inquirer

Someone who has been informally exposed to the primary characteristics of the colors Red, Green, and Blue and the likely interactions between these colors in either the workplace or social environment.  Their working knowledge will not be great but will be sufficient for most conversational needs. 

RGB Workshop Participant

This person has participated in an RGB-based workshop and engaged in simulations sufficiently to be exposed to typical implications of the colors Red, Green, and Blue on their own behavior and their interactions with people of other color dominances.  This individual will likely be able to informally "type" someone else based on reasonable conversation or observations. 

RGB Routine User

Having participated in an RGB Foundational Workshop, the routine user will be able to observe a scenario unfold and be able to draw reasonable accurate implications based on the color Red, Green, and Blue interactions.  It is likely that implications will be drawn based as heavily on color dominances as color deficiencies.  This individual will likely know the color implications of those with whom the routinely work and able to adjust their own behaviors to achieve higher rapport under a variety of conditions.  Workspace is often marked by a few mementoes acquired from Foundational Workshops and similar interactions.

RGB Advocate

An Advocate is the first level of formal Title-holding.  The Advocate is a self-proclaimed position title based on sufficient participation in learning activities that include those that have been self-initiated such as online participation in study and discussions among peers and Certified Practitioners.  The Advocate will typically extract materials from online resources and distribute those materials to others within their sphere of influence in order to promote further development of RGB Technologies within that sphere.  Advocates are well known in their locale for being a source of knowledge concerning RGB.  They are likely to have acquired, on their own, mementoes that testify to their RGB interests as talking points with those they routinely come in contact.  It is common for an Advocate to play an informal role as an information conduit between those in leadership, management, and supervisory positions and RGB resources.  Self-proclaimed Advocates will be listed online as such.  Advocates also have a limited ability to offer RGB Inventory completion to others in significant relationships with coworkers who have already complete their initial RGB Profile or who qualify for an updated Individual Profile.   

            Self Declaration* Criteria:
                1.  Communicates with QWLC frequently - especially using the "RGB Challenge" online submissions.
                2.  Arranges for others to take the RGB.
                3.  Adds items to his or her RGB office memorabilia collection.
                4.  Communicates RGB self-improvement situations and resolutions during discussions. 
                5.  Arranges for added RGB study materials and/or communicates insights to others.
                6.  Encourages supervisors, managers, and leaders in his or her organization to use RGB.
                7.  Attends RGB functions to learn from other users and Advocates.
                8.  Is a regular participant during LinkedIn discussions. 

*Self Declaration is a means for any user to become an Advocate upon declaration that most or all of the listed criteria have been met or exceeded. 

RGB Certified Practitioner - Foundational

The first QWLC awarded Practitioner Certificate is in one or all of three foundational entry levels: Foundational Workshop Team Lead CapacityWareTM Software Administrator, or Data Collection Team Lead.  It is not uncommon for a small team to acquire specialized certification in all of these foundational domains.  Certification is predicated on an application approval and formalized study, passing scores on a series of examinations, and a practical observation in the subject area(s) of initial priority.  Once Certified, subsequent assurances are required to maintain up-to-date viability.  These skills are typically, but not exclusive, to practitioner roles serving as an employee as an internal resource. 

RGB Certified Practitioner - Advanced

Subsequent to the initial Certification in a foundational role (outlined above), interested candidates may continue their development into a pattern of generalized offerings that normally extend to client organizations outside the employer internal service provider domain.  These include a practical familiarity with the RGB Progressive Design Workshops that include nine interconnected events:
        Planning (Simple and Strategic),
        Team Building (and Diversity),
        Organizational Learning,
        Matching Tasks with Talent,
        Best Practice Identification and Adoption,
        Leadership Transition,
        Retreats and Critical Meetings, and long term
        Change Management Cycles.

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