RGB Rewards and Prizes!

All About RGB Rewards and Recognitions!

The RGB Ideas listed here will give you some insight into how the RGB can manifest itself in promotional give-away items. That is the main purpose.

Secondarily, some items listed here can be acquired through QWLC. They may be tailored items, or items ONLY available through QWLC.

Finally, some items may be avilable only from the manufacturer or distributor. In those cases, we offer the item as a suggestion only and provide a link to a source that can probably assist you in acquiring the item. We make no claims as to availability or any other fascet of the items in these cases.

Book Marks

Everybody needs book marks. QWLC has a growing collection. The reverse of each book mark is imprinted with the FIND OUT! The message on the front varies. These are in stock and available for special events such as conferences and exhibits at low or no cost to certified members.

Set of 10 FREE with every order.

Bag of RGB Gems

At all our workshops, we reward people immediately for being in the spirit of the dialog. When people contribute a profound or difficult thought, they get a gem immediately. You can think of dozens of ways to immediately reward the behavior you want and make it fit the situation - at a future planning session, recognize the most "out of the box" contribution during a brainstorming session with a BLUE gem, for example!

Below are three velvet bags bags with 25 of the the appropriate colored gems in each bag.

Bag of gems (specify color) - $ 7.50

Great RGB Idea Bulbs

What a gift for innovative ideas! Give the recipient a light bulb in their color. This they can display at their work site, wherever that might be as a wonderful conversation piece. The first set of RGB bulbs we found were ideal, they were about 5" high. Since then we've found them in all sorts of sizes and colors. We've even mounted some of these bulbs on a wooden "platform" and added an inscribed brass plate for the occasion.

We've even used the light bulbs in "reverse." Some people, we've implied, need to shed a bit more BLUE on their work. As a constant reminder, we've provided the bulb to help them work smarter on some projects.

Set of three Light Bulbs - $ 9.50

Autograph SPOONS

Create a timeless memento of a special RGB Event. Award Autograph SPOONS to participants for winning the most gems in the SPOONS Tournament, or for briefing out the results of the RGB Color Team deliberations. The SPOONS are RGB painted wooden spoons ideal for the winner to use to collect autographs from team members that helped them in their task. The spoon can be marked with the event name. Back at the office - it'll make a great bit of memorabilia that will fire up many valuable conversations about the experience.

Illustrated below are the blank spoons with one SAMPLE spoon autographed by the GREEN Team!

Set of three RGB Painted Spoons - $ 7.50

RGB Necklace Beads

People love 'em! After the "REVEAL" in a standard RGB Workshop design we pass out one string of beads so that it will be easier for people to identify others and begin the process of matching behaviors with RGB color groups.
Those that are balanced often get two or even all three strings.

Available through QWLC in Desired Quantities - $ .50 each


If you're going to play SPOONS, you need the genuine article!
These hand painted RGB SPOONS will be hit at any event.

Set of 3 - one Red, one Green, and one Blue

RGB Shovels

We award these RGB shovels on-the-spot in one of two ways (there may be more options)...
STOP digging the hole!
START breaking new ground!

The color of the shovel will have some significance in the message being delivered. These are real discussion items back at the office, and a ton a laughter in the moment. Each is 32" in length - a real attention getter!

Available through QWLC - Set of three (Red, Green, and Blue) $ 12.50

RGB Alarm Clocks

We use these clock as timers for RGB breakout groups or as giveaways to work groups that need to pay particular attention to a specific color.

Available only from the distributor - Click Here

RGB Sketch Case

A great gift item, particularly for graphic facilitation.

Displayed here to stimulate ideas only - no longer available.

Shout Out Cones

Give one of thes cones to each briefer from each of the RGB color sub groups.

Price is $5.00 for a set of three.

RGB Leadership TRAINing Aid

Use this aid to help people undestand that leadership is not an RGB characteristic, but rather something people do to respond to the need of their followership.

Price is $10.00 per set.