RGB Referrals

There is nothing better than an RGB Referral. People do it all the time. If they have a great experience in our of our RGB Events, they want to pass that good experience on to their firends and valued members of their network. The results has always been a good credential for the referrer, and a valued new opportunity for the recipient as well as for the "new" client/customer. It's a win/win/win all around.

Now, we'd like to extend all those good feelings one step further for those who make the effort to pass along our good name to their valued friends and collegues by making them potential prize winners at the Annual RGB Celebration in addition to members of client organizations - our and their (if appropriate). If you make the effort to pass along a referral to someone, you will qualifiy for an invitation to the Celebration and be eligible for door prizes, at minimum. If the person you make a referral TO sign up to receive our periodic RGB Newsletter (or you sign them up), consider your referral confirmed. If they invite us us to produce a "special referrer priced" RGB Event for them, you may be eligible for an upgraded prize category (door prizes AND Referrer Level prizes as well. If the person to whom you refer us to or members of their organization opts to become RGB Certified, you may be eligible for ANOTHER Referrer Level and, again, more prize opportunities.

How will we keep count? By awarding GEMS that must be registered. As with our current system of GEM Registration, you'll be given a password to your own page to monitor the accumulation.

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